Friday, June 22, 2007

thinking outside the what?

What a great work of genius. Certainly God's people are more creatively innovative than a bunch of fleas, wouldn't you think?

My time here in seattle with the communities of COTA, Freemont, and COTB, Edmonds, has been a time to rise above and beyond the lid recognizing that not merely is it we ourselves who are stretching the boundaries of thought and action, but rather are participating alongside of a God who is already at work in such ways, in ways we have been constraining, controling and commodifying.


robert said...

point made! dunno if the fle jumping limitation is a real phenomenon, but it definitely demonstrates an important point!

dave said...

thanks bob, those educated biological perspectives of yours sure do help lend validation to the point. maybe not biologically certain, but sure is reflective of a world that lives with the lid on.