Saturday, July 7, 2007

COTA Contextualized

Click the above title to check out a recent video I got permission from Karen to post on youtube that Church of the Apostles put together. I found it to be a helpful and well done synopsis and inspirational vision of what God is up to through COTA. It is a great perspective of a missional church radically contextualizing itself around an integrated and multivalent ethos of neo-monasticism, a cultural celebration and embrace of community arts, and ancient-future forms of worship.


jWinters said...

Cool video Dave. Thanks for posting it. COTA has interested me for a while - especially many of the points made in this video.

isipwater said...

The COTA video strikes me with how non-threatened this community appears to be when being with many different parts of culture.

At your visit Dave, did you encounter any areas of culture that COTA seemed threatened by?

dave said...

no not at all. the strength for them comes in the assurance of their own identity which then gives them the courage and confidence to co-exist in and among other identities, expressions, etc. good question and great wondering. the way we engage with culture is an incredibly important matter in emerging communities.