Thursday, September 18, 2008

abbey's call to worship

What is it, or perhaps who, that calls out to us? A voice inviting us to engage or to be engaged…to participate in a reality bigger than ourselves? Our own voice or the voice of another? Is it our own voice masked in the other or the other way around?

And what per say is the voice | the silent voice | saying..speaking to the depths of the very being and into the essence of who I am, really...the longing that I yearn to hear deep within, a longing for connection? significance? wholeness? meaning?...a new way of ordering, re-orienting world, community, self?

Whatever this voice, whenever | wherever this voice, it seems to be a call, a call toward stillness and silence, for a willingness to sit and be, waiting and wondering. Whatever this voice, I am moved…not into further noise and distraction, but into a quiet space of reflection, of stillness, of silence. Waiting into who I am and who I am to be...all the while consumed by the One who was, who is and who will be…immersed in this presence and assured | the journey | is never lived or grown alone.

Let us pray…let us be, in God and with each other…



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