Friday, March 13, 2009

A People's History of Christianity by Diana Butler Bass

I just received my copy of the newest book, A People's History of Christianity, from Diana Butler Bass yesterday and look forward to engaging it soon. I have for quite a while appreciated her contribution to framing our faith since first hearing a couple years ago at a conference in Richmond, VA lecturing and sharing in conversational collaboration with Brian McClaren. You can hear a great half hour lecture on her new book from her recent conversation March 8th at The National Cathedral's "Sunday Forum."

As a side note I've got to say that I especially appreciate her reference to radical hospitality she describes within the early church, a concept that I've been communicating for a long time at the heart of who we are as the people of God in Christ. Listen to the lecture and get this book, it's a necessary re-framing for "a", (how humble is that?!) history of Christianity reflected through a people's loving engagement of and with it.

Thank you so much Diana for this new look at where we've been.


Beth Lewis said...

She is a fine author and speaker. I have had the privilege of hearing her speak to several different groups. I haven't read this one yet, but look forward to doing so.

If, after you read hers, you are still looking for more, you might want to check out our series of the same name, A People's History of Christianity.

Very accessible. Being read not only by clergy, but also being used in some undergrad and graduate classroom settings.

Beth Lewis, President & CEO, Augsburg Fortress

david said...

Beth, thanks for the heads up. Hope all is well with you.

Jonathan Erdman said...

I'm putting this book on my amazon wishlist. Thanks for the recommendation, comrade!