Monday, February 26, 2007

size matters?

From my new blog friend over at Sarcastic Lutheran I got connected to one of these innovative, la, la. With the mega church craze and such celebrity greats as Joel Osteen representin' it can be hard for some not to get googly-eyes over potential greatness. A critique I heard recently with regard to the emerging church is that the numbers just don't justify 'going down that route.' While numbers can be telling they are not the only means of measurement. The difficulty the emerging church faces is that those within the modern church are using their own standards and imposing them on these ever evolving communities. I think that the emerging church can be helpful in many ways by providing a new lens through which we look at measurement, all of us, by offering up some new ideas that will help create stronger and healthier churches all 'round, modern and postmodern alike. I ran across this great article from Margaret Wheatley entitled "What Do We Measure and Why? Questions About the Uses of Measurement."

I'd love to hear any and all comments on this one!

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Sarcastic Lutheran said...

go to you tube and enter "king of the hill church"...enjoy