Saturday, February 17, 2007

What is a church plant exactly?

The newtonian aspects of modernity believed that everything isolated down to its component parts would ultimately reach the essence of the subject. This mentality has plagued the modern church by seeing the church as an assembly line where we would just attach various aspects of our faith onto people in hopes that in the end they would turn out as 'model' disciples of Jesus. Think about how many cars come off the factory plant each day. Pumpin 'em out to get our quota fulfilled and ultimatley to prove that then we are successful because look at our output. Fine and dandy if the people we are living with are inanimate objects. But as it turns out...not so much.

The image for the true church plant is much more organic in nature. We are much more like the natural order and as such we tend more carefully and attentively to those in our midst, watering and caring much differently for them. They can't in any way grow faster if we pull on them.

Perhaps this is an obvious assumption, but I'm not convinced we operate more like nurseries than car factories.

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