Tuesday, February 20, 2007

sustainability teaser

1. what exactly are we really be called to sustain?
2. is Jesus' 'ultimate concern' for sustainability the same as ours?

let us wonder together...


Russell said...

That's an angle I hadn't approached sustainability from before, but my first thought is simply that if there isn't a world left for us to live on, it'll be awfully difficult for us to follow Jesus. I also think that, thus far (probably starting with the onset of the Industrial Revolution), we've been doing a pretty miserable job of loving future neighbors as ourselves, and even a lousy job of loving ourselves, when you look at what we're eating, breathing, and leaving behind.

curt said...

As I read your 'teaser' I know that the mainlines are trying to figure out 'sustainablity' for their own existence! But in Russell's reply he has taken two steps back (NOT backward, just back)in his post and is looking at this as a bigger picture. Interesting how we all see bits and pieces to the same question when it as 'general' as you have asked.